Media Studies Laboratories

We offer a system with upgraded interconnected PC’s which allow the students to pursue their work smoothly. Moreover there are trained professionals and ICT teacher to assist the students with the technical and complex programming and other aid required.


Science Laboratories

We believe it is imperative to have well equipped and quality science labs to make significant contributions in all fields of science. We offer separate labs for Biology, Physics and Chemistry.


Robotics - STEM Education

Robotics integrates all STEM fields in way no other subject can cover and can be referred to as mother of all subjects. We can consider “Robotics” as the fourth “R” of learning, “Reading, wRriting and aRithmatic” because of its remarkable outcomes. Robotics prepares the students for future in real meanings.


Food and Nutrition Laboratories

The food and Nutrition labs are designed to encourage learning and discussion about healthy growth, food choices and nutrition. The students are not only taught of healthy eating and nutrition vocabulary but they are assist in cooking delicious food too.     



BTSC offer hygienic meals and beverages at its fully functional cafeteria. The cafeterias are all well-equipped and offer both hot and cold victuals. The children gather in these cafeterias for their lunch, where this provisions help foster healthy eating habits, it also helps in the social development of our students through interaction outside their classroom. 


BTSC provides it students with highly functional and a spacious  auditorium that comprise of a hall with sitting capacity of many people and a stage with smart screen at its back.It is used for all formal gathering: dramatics plays ,award ceremonies , seminars  ,various competitions, etc. and is really satisfying for the performers and audience. 


Smart Rooms

The students have access to smart rooms, which are equipped with smart and interactive boards. These turn the typical classroom and learning into a fun experience. The interactive nature of the boards enable our teachers to provide opportunities for our learners to share and participate in the instructional process.


Art Rooms

Art rooms offer a carefree environment to the young artists to exhibit their creativity in an open access space with a wide variety of arts material. We believe arts room and artwork have a positive impact on building self-esteem among the children. 

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