Admission Policy Manual


A student may register from Monday to Saturday any time between 10 am to 1:00 pm, at the school office. For a student to register for admission at BTSC, parents need to provide the following information to the admission officer for issuance of a registration voucher.

  • Submission of Father CNIC copy
  • Basic information for Registration.

After Registration amount has been paid and a paid voucher copy is presented to admission office, the Admission department shall proceed with the admission process.



Admission is given strictly on merit based evaluation of the student’s academic performance. Entry test, interview, School leaving certificate and report card from the last Institution attended or Board result are key contributing factors to your child’s admission. It is also required that applicant has scored well in English and Math at the previous school or Board Examination.

Students have to sit an entry/admission test and are generally assessed in the subjects of English, Urdu, and Math. Foreign applicants are exempted from Urdu.


                                                                                  ADMISSIONS PROCESS





School Hands Over:

  • Admission Form
  • Prospectus
  • Admission test outline and date
  • View Documents required for registration

    STEP 2  

    Parent Returns:

  • Filled Admission Form
  • Required documents
    STEP 3  

    Admission Test

    STEP 4  

    Admission Notification based on test result

    STEP 5  

    Interview with coordinator & Vice Principal Filling out of Health Form by the V.P

    STEP 6  
  • Confirmation of Class/ Section to the parent
  • Confirmation of student's joining date from the parent
  • Issuance of admission voucher to the parents for payment
    STEP 7  

    Confirmation of payment through paid voucher slip submission in Admission Office.

    STEP 8  

    Student reports to the school on joining date