Girls College

The mission of Bahria Town Girls College is to develop versatile and holistic individuals by mentoring them to achieve academic excellence and develop a clear vision for a balanced and disciplined approach towards life. We believe and strive to groom our girls intellectually and make them morally strong, compassionate and effective citizens and successful professionals while upholding the traditional and cultural norms of our society.

Bahria Town Girls College is a perfect place where young women have the freedom to express and pursue their ideas and goals in a protected, friendly and conducive environment.

In the past few years, Bahria Town College has maintained its exemplary level of performance and achieved 100% results with maximum students scoring A+ & A grades.

Today, the college is enriched by the diversity of its students, who represent a wide range of social backgrounds, perspectives, aspirations, interests, and talents.

We are proud of our student’s enrolments and acceptances in the leading universities and colleges including Fatima Jinnah Medical College, Akhtar Saeed Medical & Dental College, COMSATS University Lahore, University of Lahore, Institute of Fashion Designing (PIFD), Beaconhouse National University, Punjab University, Kinnaird College, Forman Christian College, University of Central Punjab, etc.

A few of the key features of our Girls College are highlighted below;

  • Secure and beautifully constructed Building

The Campus being the basement of the grand Mosque Lahore has an indigenous architecture, woven with a rich blend of modernity.  The building is centrally air-conditioned and provides a comfortable environment in both summer and winters. 

  • Spacious Auditorium

Considering it the most important and a central place for holding assemblies, lectures, debates, dramas, plays, musical performances, award ceremonies, academic or non-academic competitions, Sector C the auditorium is designed in the most appropriate manner. The spacious hall is constructed in a fashion to support an even sound distribution for the large a number of students it can accommodate.

  • Well-equipped Laboratories:

To give students greater opportunities to learn and develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, Bahria Town College Sector C has well designed and fully equipped Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Computer laboratories with trained and competent teachers.

  • Art Studio

The Art Studio at Sector C is a well-equipped area encouraging and facilitating our student’s creativity in various art forms.

Today, when girls are facing a myriad of challenges in their education, Bahria Town All Girls College provides a supportive environment, catering to their needs by providing special programs and resources to help them achieve academic, professional and personal success.

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