News and events

Orientation Session- A Level (B-LHE)

Grade 6 Orientation-(B-LHE)

Grand Parents Day-(Jr-KHI)

Leader In Me (Middle & Senior- KHI)

Grade 7 & 8 Orientation-(B-LHE)

International Charity Day

Grand Parents Day (F.Jr- LHE)

Picnic Fun (O-LHE)

Defence Day

Preschool PTM (A-LHE)

Inter House Table Tennis Tournament-(LHE)


PTM-Preschool (KHI)

World Robot Olympiad 2019 -(LHE)

International Literacy Day

Ashura Holidays

Well being Week (O-LHE)

Preschool- Cartoon Party (KHI)

Industrial Visit O/A levels (F-LHE)

Profession Day (B-LHE)

PG, NSY, Montessori Cartoon Party (Preschool-LHE)

College Council Investiture Ceremony (LHE)

Cyber Ethics Awareness Seminar (B-LHE)

Orientation Chinese Language Programme (LHE)

Preschool PTM (F-LHE)

Professions Day (O-LHE)

Chae Chat with Mothers (F.Jr- LHE)

High Achievers Awards Ceremony (LHE)

Professions Day Grade( 1-3-KHI)

Classes start Inter/B.A/B.Sc/B.Com (C-LHE)

English Declamation- (KHI)

Inter-house English Declamation - (LHE)

Inter-house Urdu Declamation (LHE)

Urdu Declamation- (KHI)

Science Movie- (KHI)

Show & Tell Activity Prep (A, F & O - LHE)

Inter-school Bilingual Competition

Preschool PTM (O-LHE)

World Peace Day

Math Mania-(KHI)

Math Mania (O-LHE)

Role Reversal for O & A-Level (F-LHE)

Idea is Life (F-LHE)

Fun with Primary Colours Montessori & Prep (A, F & O-LHE)

Grand Parents Story Telling Day (B.Jr-LHE)

Pets Happy Tale (F.Jr- LHE)

Grand Parents Story Telling Day (Jr. KHI)

Fun with colours (Preschool-KHI)

Red Day -PG & Nsy-(KHI)

Animal Care-Awareness Session (O-LHE)

Inter House Badminton Tournament (LHE)

World Heart Day

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