Guidelines for internet usage



We are living in an age of internet, where the net has an infinite supply of knowledge that allows you to learn about any topic that you want. This greatest creation has helped the younger generations in taking leaps ahead in all areas but with the uncountable benefits come a few reservations and here’s where the parents need to keep their eyes open and a strict check and balance in this regard.

Few measures that parents shall take are,

  • Always keep a responsible monitoring on the websites they visit
  • Block the sites that contain prohibited content
  • Restrict the time on use of unnecessary social websites as people are losing their  physical values and involving more into socializing on the social media
  • Tell your children to never give out their personal information on social websites
  • Discuss online safety with your child

In this cyber-filled and technology woven world, digital life starts quite early, so as a parent you must know what to allow and when. Trust your child but verify everything. Social networking is on the rise. The level of online engagement increases the risk of cyber bullying and exposure to inappropriate content.

Just as we prepare our children for life in the real world, we should prepare them for life in the online world. It is their right to be guided and parent’s responsibility to manage their children’s internet usage, through proper supervision.

Adapted from several sources.

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