Sector A

Preschool Campus A, O & F

Bahria Town School & College Preschool programme is filled with investigation, exploration, and discovery that allows our children to be children and develop in an unhurried way. The programme gives our preschooler the opportunity to explore, create and interact while learning to feel comfortable in a school routine. We foster each child’s emotional, intellectual and social growth and allow him to learn for the joy of learning.

Through international teaching practices and purposefully designed curriculum and environment, we allow the preschoolers to explore, improve motor skills, create an imaginary world, and ready themselves for future schooling. 

All our facilities are well-equipped, secure and match international educational standards while our academic plan comprises of sequential and thematic learning processes through classroom teaching and diverse activities to help the children to acquire reading, writing, and logical skills.

We follow a balance of learning and play to prepare children for our Junior School.

Experienced and Caring Staff:

Our experienced staff works closely with each parent to gently guide each child towards a positive self-image and healthy social skills providing the right foundation for the child’s lifelong progress.

Programmes and Vision:

 We offer our students a four years’ program based on interactive and active learning. Through the prepared environment, we aim to instill inner discipline in children. Our classrooms offer freedom of movement and freedom of choice; thus, preparing future leaders to be the masters of their environment. Daily chores are taught through practice in addition to academics.

Fun-filled learning with activities:

Activities are developed and presented in such a way as to stimulate the child’s need to explore and choose work and develop concentration skills. We aspire to create a safe, nurturing environment. Our well-rounded curricula, backed by a decade of experience, empowers the children to acquire reading, writing and logical skills, create a strong educational foundation and help build social skills, community awareness and self-confidence.

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