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Welcome to Bahria Town School & College. The management is committed to providing a safe, healthy and disciplined environment that facilitates the educational process and grooms the students of Bahria Town School & College into productive and responsible individuals who are capable of contributing positively towards the society. Our pool of professional and dedicated staff, has worked hard to develop a challenging program for a high quality of learning, for the students.

Strong leadership, working hand in hand with a professional team of teachers would be critical in helping us achieve these goals.  Leading and managing a school for the 21st century would involve more that effective strategic planning and administration.  It certainly calls for school leaders and middle managers who are instructional leaders as well.  A key role as instructional leaders is to better lead and engage our teacher colleagues in the review of existing classroom practices and to substantiate their practices with sound pedagogical principles and theories of learning.  This, in my mind, would be one of the levers that would lead to breakthrough teaching and learning, to move beyond the traditional chalk and talk, and rote learning to the test. 

Saleem Kashmiri

MA(Eng) Dip.Ed. ELT.(Exeter)

Bahria Town School & College - Lahore

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