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Assessment Week Preschool (A, F & O)||


Winter Break||

News & Events

Coffee with Mothers (Jr. School)

Master Chef Inter-schools Competition (Sector B)

Mathelatics (Grade 1 - Inter) (Sector B,F & O)

Healthy + Junk food Activity, NSY & Montessori (A, F & O)

Quaid-e-Azam Day, Prep (A, F & O)

Send-ups Inter, B.A +B-Com part I,II

Reinforcement Week Preschool (A, F & O)

Mid-Year Examination (I-XI-O) + Test Session Half Book IXM, XM

Assessment Week Preschool (A, F & O)


Winter Break

Mehfil-e-Milad (Senior B)

Winter Uniform

Iqbaliat with Mushaira, Bait Baazi + Nasr/Tehtul lafz

English & Urdu Poetry Recitation (Grade 3 onwards) (Campus B,C,F,O)


Inter School /Inter House Art Competition Photography + Videography Competition

Iqbal Day Assembly, Prep (A, F & O)

Dive in the Ocean (Blue day), PG & NSY (A, F & O)

BTSC Idol (Instrumental/Vocal Jr. & Sr. School)

Inter School Music Competition

Inter House Basketball Tournament

Rhyme & Mime Grade 1 & 2 (Sector B, F& O)

Battle of Young Chefs/ Bake Sale (Orchard)

Eid Milad Un Nabi Assembly Preschool ( A, F & O)

BTSC Chef - Sec B (Middle)

Eid Milad un Nabi (Subject to the appearance of moon)

BTSC Chef - Sec B (Sr.)

Idea is Life (Sector F)

BTSC Chef- Girls College (Inter+B.A)

Field Trips All Campuses

Naat/Qirat Competition - Mehfil-i-Milaad (Sector F)

Mehfil-e-Milad (Girls College)

Manners Day, Montessori (A, F & O)

Naat/Qirat Competition - Eid Milad-un-Nabi (Orchard+Sector B)

School Sleepover Jr. B

Book Parade (B Jr.)

Industrial Visit O/A levels (B & F)

Welcome party for A level Girls (Sector-B)

Welcome party for Inter-1 Boys (Sector-F)

Business Debate (Sector B and Sector F)

PTM Preschool (Sector F)

World Teachers' Day

Inter House Cricket Tournament (All Campuses)

Let's Discuss Shakespeare Over a Cup of Coffee (Orchard)

Bake Sale (Girls College)

Business/Science Debates A Levels (Sector F)

Global Hand Washing Day, Preschool ( A, F & O)

Mid-Term October Assessment (B, O & F)

1st Mock Examination (IXM & XM) Boys & Girls

A Day with Emojies (yellow day) PG & NSY ( A, F & O)

1st Term Exam of Intermediate + BA B.Com Part ( I & II)

Bake Sale (B)

Green Day Montessori (A, F & O)

Field Trips Preschool

Brain of BTSC (all Campuses)

High Achievers Ceremony (Sector F)

Defence Day

Welcome Party (Inter part-1+B.A ) Boys - Girls College

Inter house Table Tennis Tournament ( Campus B, C, F & O)

Industrial Visit O/A levels (Sector F)

College Council Investiture Ceremony

PTM Preschool (Sector A)

Math Mania (Orchard Campus)

High Achievers Awards Ceremony

English Declamation (Campus B, F, O)

Urdu Declamation (Campus B, F, O)

Eid Milan party, Preschool (A, F & O)

Candyland Party (Nsy/Mont)

Ashura Holidays (subject to appearance of moon)

Welcome to Strawberry World (Red Day) PG &NSY (A, F & O)

PTM Preschool (O)

Pet Show, PG & NSY (A, F & O)

Fun with Primary Colours, Prep (A, F & O)

Inter House Badminton Tournament (B, C, F, O)

Inter School Bilingual Declamation (B, C, F, O)

Ice Cream Social (B Jr)

School Reopens for grade 6 onwards

Orientation Session (Intermediate Part I)

Classes start for Intermediate I

Independence Day

Investiture ceremony of School Student Council

Investiture ceremony of School Student Council (Orchard)

Investiture ceremony of School Student Council (Orchard)

Meet & Greet (Campus B, F & O)

Classes start for Intermediate II

Eid-ul-Azha Break (Subject to appearance of moon)

School Reopens for Preschool and Junior School after Eid Breaks

Orientation Session O/A Levels (Sector F)

Matric result 2018

Ramzan and Eid Holidays

Admissions Open

Assessment Week (A/O)

Last Day for Preschool (A/O)

Admission Open for Pre O level and Matric

Admissions Open for Pre O level & Matric at BTSC Lahore

Labour Day Holiday

Prep Graduation Ceremony (Sector A)

Prep Graduation Ceremony (Orchard)

Reinforcement Week (Campus B/C/O)

Final Examination (Campus B/C/O)

Fun Week (Preschool A/O)

End of Session Party (Preschool A/O)

Tribute to Stephen Hawking

Admissions Open at our Karachi campus 2018-2019

PRE-Board Exams (Intermediate) (Girls College)

Farewell O-levels Girls

Farewell O-levels Boys

Technology Day (Campus O)

Farewell Inter II Girls

Technology Day (Sector B & C)

Annual Presentation (Preschool A/ O)

School Reopens

Science/ Art Exhibition

PTM/ Result Day Spring Assessment

Go Green Activity

Spring Cultural Festival Girls College

PTM Grade VIII - B/C/O

Mid-Term Assessments

Pakistan Day (Holiday)

Spring Break

Urdu hand writing activity, Prep ( A & O)

Spring Festival Preschool ( A & O )

Cross Country Run (Juniors)

Cross Country Run (Seniors)

Staff Group Pictures (Campus A/O/B/C)

Milad for the Girls College

PTM for Girls College

Winter Walk ( Sector A)

Winter Walk (Orchard)

PTM & Result Day ( Orchard)

PTM & Result Day ( Sector A)

Shapes Day, Prep ( Sector A & Orchard)

PTM + Result day Mid Year Examination (I-IX) O'LEVELS & 2nd Mock Examination Matric

Class Group Photo

One Act Plays (Urdu/ English) (Campus B,C,O)

1st Mock Examination (XO-XIO)

Final Mock Examination (IXM & XM)

Inter House Football Tournament Boys

Sports Day Girls (Grade 4 till Inter)

Sports Day Junior School I-III (Campus B/O)

Sports Day Boys (Grade 4 till Inter)

Spring Gala (Girls College)

Farewell Matric (Girls)

Farewell Matric (Boys)

Proclamation Day (grade I to III) Campus B/O

Proclamation Day (Girls)

Proclamation Day (Boys)

Mid-Year Examination (Girls and Boys College)

Fruits Week (Sector A)

Fruit Cocktail Party (Sector A)

Assessment Week (Preschool)

Eid Milad un Nabi

Mathelalitcs (Sector A,B,C,O)

Naat Competition/Eid Milad un Nabi (Campus B,C,O)

Qirat Competition

Mid-Year Examination (Grade I to XI O)

First Mock (9th and 10th Matric)

Send-up Exam (Intermediate)

Arabian Nights (Bonfire)

Winter Break

School and College Reopen after Winter Break


Inter school Master Chef

Iqbaliat with Mushaira Bait Baazi & Nasr (Sec B )

Winter Uniform

Iqbal Assembly (A & O)

Little Chefs at work ( activity related to topic fruits), Prep (A & O)

Autumn celebrations (Orchard)

Autumn celebrations - Prep (Sector A)

Autumn celebrations, Montessori (Sector A)

Autumn celebrations, PG & Nsy (Sector A)

Visit to Mcdonalds, Nursery (Sector A), All levels (Orchard)

Visit to Mcdonalds, Montessori (Sector A)

Visit to Mcdonalds, PREP (Sector A)

Eid Milad un Nabi Assembly ( A & O)

Result Day- PTM Mid Term October Assessments Campus (A,O,B,C)


Interschool Music Competition

Inter House Basketball Tournament

Recreational Trips

BTSC Chef (Middle School)

BTSC Chefs ( Senior School)

English/Urdu Poetry Recitation ( Grade 3 onwards)

October Assessment (2017-18)

Teacher's Day, Preschool ( A & O )

Global hand washing Day, Preschool ( A & O )

A day with minions ( Yellow day), PG & Nsy (A & O)

Secondary colours day, Prep ( A & O )

Fun day with Barney ( Purple day) , Montessori ( A & O )

Go Green ( Plantation day), Prep ( A & O )

Field Trip, Visit to Lahore Zoo, Nsy ( A ) & Orchard ( Whole school)

Teachers Day

Inter house Cricket Tournament

Bake Sale Girls College

First Term Exams – Intermediate and BA

Interschool Art Competition

Eid Milan party, Preschool (A & O)

Cartoon Festival PG & Nsy (A & O)

PTM (Sector A)

Myself (listening and speaking activity) Prep (A & O)

Red Riding Hood day out (Red Day) PG & Nsy (A & O)

PTM (Orchard)

Pet Show, PG & Nsy (A & O)

Fun with Primary colours, Montessori & Prep (A & O)

Admissions Open for Intermediate Part I

Eid-ul- Azha Break

School Reopens after Eid Break

Defense Day

Inter house Table Tennis Tournament (B/C/O)

High Achievers’ Ceremony (B,C)

English Declamation (Inter House)

Urdu Declamation (Inter House)

Inter house Badminton

Inter School Bilingual Declamation

Brain of BTSC

School reopens for Intermediate and B.A students

Orientation (Inter + B.A part I)

Independence Day

Orientation Day (Grade 1)

Admissions Open for B.A/B.Com

Result Day

Final Examination (Campus B/C/O)

Summer Vacation

School Reopens for the Teachers

School Reopens for the Students

Technology Day at Orchard

The Technology Day (Campus B/C)

Parent Teacher Meeting



Go Green Activity

International Happiness Day


Labour Day

Labour Day (Sector A)

Labour Day (Orchard Campus)

Professions Day (Montessori Campus A/O)

Assessment Week Preschool (Campus A/O)

Pink Day Preschool (Campus A/O)

Summer celebrations Preschool (Campus A/O)

Graduation Ceremony Prep (Orchard)

Graduation Ceremony Prep (Sector A)

Earth Day Prep (Campus A/O)

Annual Presentation (Orchard)

Annual Presentation PG & Nursery (Sector A)

Annual Presentation Montessori (Sector A)

English Handwriting Activity Prep (Campus A/O)

Reading Activity Montessori (Campus A/O)


Fair Friday (Junior Campus)

Annual Exam for X Matric (Campus B/C)

Annual Examination IX Matric

Spring Assessment

Spring Break

School Reopens After Spring Break & Summer Uniform Notice

Mid Term Assessment (I-IX O)

Green Day PG & NSY (Campus A/O)

Annual Presentation Prep (Sector A)

Colours Fun Day PG (Campus A/O)

Math Mania Prep (Campus A/O)

Cupcake Party PG (Campus A/O)

Spring Activity (Campus A/O)

Purple Day PG & NSY (Campus A/O)

Naat & Qiraat Competition

Let’s discuss Shakespeare over a cup of coffee

Cross Country Run Juniors

Farwell Party for Matric Boys

Farewell Party for Matric Girls

Sports Day Girls

Bubble Fun Day PG (Campus A/O)

Result Day (IX M & X M) & (XO & XI O)

College Test Session Start

Proclamation Day

Sending Date Sheet and Test Topics for the Mid-Term Spring Assessment ( Jr & Sr)

Inter-School Music Competition

Final Mock Examination (IX M & X M) & 1st Mock Examination (XO & XI O)

Kashmir Day

Preschool Puppet Show


Sports Day Boys

Preschool Annual Presentation -Orchard

School reopens after Winter Break

Result Day- Preschool Orchard

Winter Parade (A/O)

Result Day- Preschool Sector A

Cartoon Day PG & NSY (Orchard Campus)

Orange Day PG & NSY (A/O)

Story Telling week Prep & Montessori (Sector O/A)

Shapes Day PG (Campus A/O)

Cartoon Day PG & NSY (Sector A)

Cartoon Day PG & NSY (Sector A)

Cartoon Day PG & NSY Preschool (Sector A)

Fairy Tale Movie Day Montessori ( Sector A)

BTSC Idol (Jr and Sr-All Campuses)

Annual Play English & Urdu Jr. Sr School

Inter House Football Tournament Boys


PTM and Result Day

2nd Mock Examination Matric ,1st Mock Inter

Class Group Photo

Inter-School Bilingual Declamation Competition (Sector C)

Helping others is a Great Virtue (Campus O)

Red Day (Campus A/O)

Celebrated 10 Years of Excellence

Urdu Poetry Recitation (Junior Campus)

Iqbal Day (Paying tribute to the Poet)

Online Quiz

Garden Based Learning

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

Student of the Month

The Profession’s Day

Parent Teacher Meeting

The Art Show

Declamation English& Urdu (Jr & Sr School)

A visit to Bilquis Edhi Home

Universal Children's Day

Field Trip to Greenfield’s Country Club

Class Coffee Morning with Mothers

Table Manners Day Prep (Campus A/O)

Fruits Week PG/NSY ( Campus A/O)

Healthy food Day Montessori ( Campus A/O)

Reading Activity Prep (Campus A/O)

Fruit cocktail Party PG & NSY (Campus A/O)

Reinforcement Week (Campus A/O)

Assessment Week (Campus A/O)

Winter Break

Inter-House Cooking Competition

Spelling Bee Competition

Inter-School Master Chef

Qirat and Naat Competition & Milad

Mid-Year Examination & 1st Mock Matric & Send- up Inter I, II

Prep Rhyme Singing Activity (Campus A/O)

Autumn Picnic (Orchard Campus)

Autumn Picnic PG ,NSY & Montessori ( Campus A)

Iqbal Day Mont/Prep (Campus A/O)

Autumn Picnic Prep ( Campus A)

Friendship Day PG & NSY (Campus A/O)

Prep Plantation Day (Campus A/O)

Purple Day Montessori (Campus A/O)

Blue and Purple Day PG & Nsy (Campus A/O)

Grandparents Day (Sector A)

Grandparents Day (Orchard Campus)

PTM (Orchard Campus)

Breakfast with Mothers NSY (Campus A/O)

PTM Campus (Sector A)

Ashurah Holidays

Fun with fruits Montessori (Campus A/O)

Visit to birds park PG ( Campus A/O)

Hair-Do Day Montessori (A/O)

Yellow and Green Day PG & Nsy (Campus A/O)

Community Helpers Week NSY (Campus A/O)

Secondary Colours Day Prep (A/O)

Visit to Safari Zoo Montessori (Campus A/O)

Pet Day PG (Campus A/O)

Eid Milan /Welcome party (Campus A/O)

Eid Milan /Welcome party (Campus A/O)

Eid Milan /Welcome party (Campus A/O)

PTM Campus (Sector A)

PTM Campus (Orchard)

Red Day PG, Nsy & Montessori (Sector A)

Eid ul Azha Break (Campus A/O)

Primary Colours Day Prep (A/O)

English Hand Writing Competition

Urdu Hand Writing Competition

Investiture ceremony of Student Council

Inter House Table Tennis Tournament

Inter House Badminton Tournament

College Council Investiture Ceremony

Faith & Festival, Junior School

Inter House Basket Ball Tournament

Teacher’s Day

Welcome Party to Inter I Girls

Inter- House Cricket Tournament

Welcome Party to Inter I Boys

English Essay Writing Competition

Urdu Essay Writing Competition

Mid Term October Assessment / 2nd Term Examination IX M, XM

Pre School reopen (old students)

PreSchool reopen (for new students)

Eid ul Azha Break (Campus A/O)

School open (for Playgroup)

Cupcake Party NSY (Campus A/O)

Carnival Montessori (Campus A/O)

School Reopen for Staff

Orientation Day (Sector A)

Orientation for Intermediate Part I (Boys)

Orientation for Intermediate Part I (Girls)

School Reopens after Summer Break

Orientation for Grade I Junior School

English Hand Writing Competition

Investiture ceremony of Student Council

Inter House Badminton Tournament

College Council Investiture Ceremony

Inter House Basket Ball Tournament


Hygiene week (PG , Nsy) A/O

PTM (Orchard Campus)

Purple Day PG , Nsy A/O

PTM (Sector A)

Reinforcement week (A/O)

Visit to bird park Montessori (A/O)

Visit to bird park Nursery (Sector A)

Assessment week (A/O)

Fun Week (A/O)



Date Sheet Final Examination (2015-2016)

Farewell O Level Boys

Farewell party for Inter Boys

PG cupcake party A/O

Full Dress Rehearsals Annual Presentation (Orchard)

Annual Preschool presentation (Orchard)

Full Dress Rehearsals Annual Presentation (Prep)

Full Dress Rehearsal Annual Presentation (Montessori)

Full Dress Rehearsal Annual Presentation (PG/Nsy)

Annual preschool presentation (Playgroup / Nursery) Sector A

Annual preschool presentation (Montessori) Sector A

Parents Teacher Meeting (Sector B)

Date Sheet (OLEVELS & INTER)

Final Term Assessments Spring (2015-16)

Date Sheet Spring Assessment (March) 2016

Conference Session (My Own Specialty)

Mughal Era ( One Act Play )

PG bubble fun day A/O

Green day (PG , Nursery) A/O

PTM (Sector A)

Senses Day (Nursery) A/O

Profession Day (Mont) A/O

Forces Day (S.Science) Prep A/O

School & College reopen after Spring break

Orange Day (PG,Nsy,Mont) A/O

Secondary colors day (Prep) A/O

Coloring competition (Nsy) A/O

Reading competition (Mont) A/O

General knowledge quiz competition (Prep) A/O

PTM Orchard

PTM Sector A

School Closure Notification

Math Quiz competition (Grade V - VIII)

English Speaking Activity

Amalgam of Arts and Science


Eid Milad-un-Nabi morning assembly whole school A/O

Story Telling Preschool (Campus A/O)

Transport Day Nursery (Campus A/O)






Class Group Photos


Fruit Week Nsy (Campus A/O)

Assessment week (A/O)

Parents Teacher Meeting (Orchard)

Winter Gala Preschool (Campus A/O)

Parents Teacher Meeting (Sector A)

Winter Break

Mid Year December Examination (2015-16)

Safety Day (Montessori) A/O

Show Time “Oliver Twist”- Grade IV

Visit to Safari Zoo Nursery (A/O)

Poem Singing Competition

Fun with Fruits Montessori (A/O)

October assessment (2015-16)

Welcome Party (Inter I Girls)

English Hand Writing Competition

Urdu Hand Writing Competition

Mid Term October Assessment

Brain of BTSC

Iqbal Day

English Essay Writing Competition

English Essay Writing Competition

Urdu Essay Writing Competition

Recreational/Educational Trips

Inter School Bilingual Declamation Contest

Inter-House Cooking Competition

Inter-School Master Chef

Mid-Year Examination

Qirat and Naat Competition

Inter- House Cricket Tournament

Inter-House Art Competition


Inter-School Music Competition

Inter-House Football Tournament

English Poetry Recitation

Urdu Poetry Recitation

Inter-School Art Competition

Final Mock Examination

Kashmir Day's

Farewell party for Matric Boys

Farewell party for Matric Girls

Rhyme Singing Contest (Class 1, 2)

Sports Day Girls

Sports Day Boys

College Test Session

Proclamation Day Girls

Proclamation Day Boys

Spring Break

Pakistan Day

Send-up Exams of inter II

PTM Final Mock Examination (X O, XI O)

Farewell party for Inter Girls

Send-up for Inter

Farewell O Level Girls

Final Examination

Summer Gala (Junior School)

Inter House Table Tennis Tournament, 5th of September, 2015

Investiture ceremony of Student Council

Inter House Badminton Tournament

College Council Investiture Ceremony

Inter House Basket Ball Tournament

Teacher’s Day

Welcome Party (Inter I Boys)

Circle Day (Nursery)

Grandparents day (cards will be given) Nsy, Mont, Prep

School starts (Playgroup) A/O

PTM { Orchard }1st term Agenda

PG Red Day (PG ,Nursery) A /O

PTM (Sector A) 1st term Agenda

Eid-ul-Adha Break (Subject to the appearance of moon)

School reopens after Eid break

Pet day (PG ,Nursery) A/O

Welcome & Eid Milan party A / O

Breakfast with mothers (Nursery) A/O

Yellow day (PG/Nsy) A/O

Green Day Montessori (A/O)

Visit to farm house (Mont) A/O

PG visit to Birds Park (A/O)

Prep visit to wild Life Park (A/O)

Visit to wild Life Park (Nursery) A/O

‘D’ Party (Nursery) A/O

Blue Day (PG & Nursery) A/O

Purple day (Montessori) A/O

Iqbal day morning presentation in Urdu (Mont / Prep) A/O

Autumn Picnic (PG, Nursery, Montessori) Campus A/O

Autumn picnic (Prep) A/O

Nursery Friendship Day (A/O)

Fruit week Playgroup (A/O)

Visit to Joy Land (Nursery & Montessori) A/ O

Shapes Day PG A/O

Reading Activity (Prep) Orchard Campus

Annual Class Group Photos

Speaking Activity (Grade III & IV)

HR Consultant Association, 2013

National ISMO Inter School Math Olympiad

Inter-School Badminton and Table Tennis

Innovation week, 2014

Children's Painting & Essay Writing Competition

9th National Inter School Maths Competition (ISMO)

WWF Nature Carnival