Sector B

As the only all-girls’ private school in the vicinity, Bahria Town School & College Girls Campus in Sector B, Lahore is uniquely positioned and has been at the forefront of girls’ education for a decade. We are focused on developing a modern approach towards learning, nurturing our girls through the challenges of adolescence and giving them the freedom to find their own identity, we prepare them to live with purpose and lead with conviction wherever their future takes them.

Our state of the art Girls Campus for Junior, Middle and Senior school offer classes from Grade 1 to Matric/O-Levels and A-Levels. Our contemporary campus facilities fulfill the communities’ ambition for advanced and improved learning for their children.

We work with a comprehensive curriculum from Junior to Senior Levels and offer excellence in teaching and learning. Our academic programme is intentionally tailored to the way girls learn best. We believe when girls are encouraged at an early age to feel free to pursue an interest in any other challenging endeavor, they are more likely to retain their enthusiasm and curiosity into their adult careers.

Our diverse programme is enriched with Robotics, Food and Nutrition Lab, Skills Development Centre(sewing, fabric painting/dye, flower making, etc.), Arts and Craft, provide our students with basic life skills as well as an opportunity to realize their unique gifts and achieve their full potential.

Our Sports programme include gymnastics, aerobics and various competitive field sports, etc. to provide an opportunity for each girl to follow her passion and excel in the sport of her choice.

Our students leave with the confidence and vision they need to live lives of consequence and courage. Hundred percent of our students are accepted to their preferred colleges and universities, they excel in highly competitive programmes and succeed in their chosen fields after graduation. No matter where their journey takes them, they carry the Bravian difference with them.

A few of the key features of our Girls Campus are highlighted below;

Secure and beautifully constructed Building

The beautifully designed state of the art campus has an indigenous architecture, woven with a rich blend of modernity.   The campus provides a safe, secure and carefree environment to its students, whether they are in their classroom or out for extracurricular activity.

Spacious Auditorium

Considering it the most important and central place for holding assemblies, lectures, debates, dramas, plays, musical performances, award ceremonies, academic or non-academic competitions, Sector B auditorium is designed in the most appropriate manner. The spacious auditorium is constructed in a fashion to support an even sound distribution for a large number of students it can accommodate.

Well-equipped Laboratories

To give students greater opportunities to learn and develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills the campus has well designed and fully equipped Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Computer laboratories with trained and competent teachers.


Providing a separate space with a wide and inclusive range of resources to support learning and teaching. Our Libraries for Juniors and Seniors in Sector B are a serene place for our young girls to further, add to the knowledge and research fields of their interest.

Art Studios

The Art Studios are a well-equipped area encouraging and facilitating our student’s creativity in various art forms.

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