Precinct 20


Golf City Campus-Precinct 20A

Bahria Town School and College, Golf City Campus is fully operational and houses junior, middle, senior school and College. We offer classes from Grade I to XII from Aga Khan University Education Board (AKU-EB) and O/A Levels from Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE).

We are focused on developing a modern and rigorous academic approach that goes beyond developing scholarly knowledge to help our students uncover and actualize their passion and vision. We offer a multidimensional academic model that frees students from conventional boundaries and allows them to learn deeply from many perspectives.

At Golf City Campus, our rich and unparalleled model grooms children for college, and life, through creative and innovative programmes and cutting edge facilities including Chinese Mandarin language lab, world-class Science Labs and Library, Robotics Labs, Smart rooms, Music room, a spacious auditorium and playgrounds. Our diverse programme is enriched with approaches which include STEAM, Robotics, Culinary Art, mini gym etc. to provide our students with basic life skills as well as an opportunity to realize their unique gifts and achieve their full potential.

Our Sports programme is being enhanced to include swimming, gymnastics, various competitive field sports etc. to provide an opportunity to our youngsters to follow their passion and excel in the sport of their choice.

We believe that a holistic education is needed to meet the challenges of the future. We aspire to stretch ourselves beyond traditional academic pathways to generate groundbreaking work that challenges traditional approaches to produce individuals who are self-confident, resourceful and enterprising.



The new campus contributes to distinctive education methods, featuring cutting edge facilities. These include:


Secure and beautifully constructed Building

The beautifully designed state of the art campus has an indigenous architecture, woven with a rich blend of modernity. The campus provides a safe, secure and carefree environment to its students, whether they are in their classroom or out for extracurricular activity.



Keeping in mind the advancement in education we have introduced the current pinnacle of STEAM development i.e. Robotics in our curriculum. A well-equipped STEAM lab is in place at Golf City Campus. The aim of introducing this discipline is to create an interest in our students for mechanical and electrical engineering, art as well as computer science.


Science Labs:

By virtue of equipping ourselves with the latest and the advanced materials and supplies, BTSC campuses are able to contribute a lot in the scientific advancement and allow our students to gain first hand learning experience by performing various experiments on their own and developing a deeper knowledge of science.


Sports and House activities:

A careful apportionment has been made for facilitating several sports including Football, Hockey and Cricket fields, Basketball court, Badminton courts, gymnastics etc.


Swimming Pool:

The campus has a swimming pool for the students to learn and enjoy swimming under close supervision of a swimming coach and a lifeguard who monitor students’ safety throughout the day.


Spacious Auditorium

Considering it the most important and central place for holding academic or non-academic competitions, award ceremonies, musical performances a spacious auditorium is constructed in a fashion to support an even sound distribution for a large number of students



In keeping with our mission, our libraries seek to support the curriculum, as well as the informational and recreational interests of the students, to foster a habit of lifelong learning, and to serve as an institutional archive.


Art Studios

The Art Studios are a well-equipped area encouraging and facilitating our student’s creativity in various art forms.


Music Studio

Our music programme is designed to cultivate collaboration, and confidence in each student through hands-on, interactive classes that include singing, instrument-playing, movement, and expressive speech.

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