Bahria Town School & College aims at providing the best teaching-learning environment through extensive use of ICT. Highly trained faculty, smart classrooms equipped with state of the art technologies, and our very own digitally designed lessons, are some of the unique features of BTSC.


We at BTSC know the potential, and, make best use of, the available digital technologies to enhance teaching, learning and assessment to make our students engaged thinkers, active learners, knowledge constructors and global citizens to participate fully in society and the economy.


Bahria Town School & College offers advanced computer certification program, designed by The Fourth R® USA, which equips our students with 21st century ICT skills they will need in future job market. Students are taught to use simple as well complex computer applications to make different projects like creating documents, presentations, promotional material, videos and computer programmes.


The concepts of science, technology, engineering design and mathematics (STEM) are taught through a complete robotics program. An international standard robotics lab equipped with Lego Education kits is being established at our latest campus in Sector F.


Another application software is on its way that will help the teachers in assessments and will make it easy for them to find learners having difficulties in different areas to help them design strategies for improvement.