Announcement for CAIE

Dear Parents & Students,
We can empathize with your stress and disappointment on the cancellation of CAIE exams due to the current unprecedented pandemic situation. Thank you for your patience and composed behaviour on facing this challenge with a cause attitude.  We committed to our last update to keep you informed regarding the Cambridge communique and the school's course of action.
In Cambridge’s latest update dated 31st March two options are offered to schools.
Option No 1:
Students will be awarded grades by CAIE based on evidence of student's performance provided by the schools. Those who will be unsatisfied on the Cambridge awarded grades in any subject can retake it in Oct/Nov 2020 exams
Option No 2:
Schools may withdraw entries from May/June 2020 exams series and re-register their students for Oct/Nov OR May/June 2021 exam series.
We prudently tried to safeguard our students for their academic progress and success in the current situation and decided as:

For X-O & XI-O Students:

All students will be withdrawing all subjects’ entries for the May/June 2020 exam series and will re-register for Oct/Nov 2020 exams to earn their true endeavors reward.

For A-Level Students:

  For AS Students: All students will withdraw their entries for May/June 2020 exams and will register for Oct/Nov 2020 exams series. They have a choice too if they want to take composite A level exams in May/June 2021 exam series.

For A2 Students: 

All students will opt for evidence-based grades by CAIE for May/June 2020 exams for all subjects. The evidence that school will provide to CAIE to award this grade will comprise of

O level/Matric results

AS Level Results

A2 Mid-year exams answer scripts and results.

Two marked assignments, answer sheets and results for each subject (New)

Online assessments (answer sheets and results) New

Teacher Assessments (New)

As all university admissions open in Aug/Sep so to save our students' precious time we preferred our A2 students to be awarded grades by Cambridge to get them mentally relaxed for their future plans.
The details and timeline of the assignments and online assessments will be communicated to you next week after Cambridge's latest update on 7th April.
Any A2 students who want to withdraw their entries from May/June 2020 exams should notify to the below-given email ID by 7th April 2020 to re-register for Oct/Nov exams.
In case you of any query feel free to contact at below given email address: ( sector B)
Brave are the souls who take care of themselves for others.

Stay at home to save lives!
Kind regards
School Management

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